The Legacy Society is a group of individuals and couples who have included the JKV Foundation as a beneficiary of a future gift.

They may be named and recognized by the JKV Foundation or they may choose to be anonymous members.

Most of the individuals and couples who have joined the Legacy Society have not done so for the recognition, but many have graciously allowed the JKV Foundation to tell their stories to inspire others to make a future gift.

Each year, Legacy Society members gather to celebrate the difference they will make for generations to come.  

For more information contact Mark Dobosz at 954-784-4757 or mdobosz@jkvfl.com

Legacy Society Members 
Diane & Bob Barton
David Bayer
Claire & George Bishop
The Estate of Johnnie Bonewits
Betsy Bousfield
Barbara  Bradley
Beverly Cardinal
Elizabeth Cobb
Lori & Edwin Crump
Joyce & James Cuddy 
Diane & John Dalsimer
Robert Downing
The Estate of Christine Fletcher
Kit Frazer
Eva Frigyesi
Lois & Donald Fry
Martha Jane & Frank Furman 
Margaret Gerloff
Gil Gilman 
Mary Jane Graff
Geri Gunderson
Gloria Haeffner
Charles Hunziker
Marie & Frank Jaeger
Ava Janes
Richard Jones
Reba Kinsey
Audrey Kornahrens
Barbara Kuntz
Paul Loree
Nancy Lee Matthews
Boots Maurer
Sue & Tom McDowell
Tom McKay
Loretta Neff
Pat McNulty
Marilyn & George Meyer 
Rosie & Bob Milanovich
Bob Oliver
Linda Orsetti 
Ronald Poggio
Richard Pollard
Carmel Provencal
Carol Redd
Barbara Rietberg
Franklin Schmidt
Eleanor & Daniel Smith
Penelope Stephens
Jane Strosser
Elizabeth Swanson 
Ingrid & John Thompson
Sam Townsend
Janet Westcott
Beatrix Wilbur
* If we have inadvertently left your name off our list, please notify the Foundation as soon as possible.