Ways to Give

Bush Rose Garden/Oak Trees Fund

This fund was established by resident Edward Busch to cover the cost of maintaining and purchasing rose bushes for the Rose Garden and to purchase Oak trees to be planted throughout the Village.

Chapel/Village Centre Maintenance Fund

This fund was established for the maintenance and upkeep of the chapel/auditorium. Earned income from the Chapel/Village Centre Endowment Fund is transferred into this fund.

Charlotte Symonds Fund

Donations are to be used for assisting employees with catastrophic illnesses during times of extreme financial hardship.

CNA Training Fund

This fund is available for John Knox Village to provide training classes for new CNAs.

Health Center Other Fund

This fund is available for health center needs by the Health Center Administrator.

Maggie Goetz Fund

This fund provides for the feeding, care and medical needs of the numerous birds and waterfowl in and around our lakes.

Piano Tuning Fund

This fund was established to maintain the pianos and organs around the Village.

Resident Assistance Fund

This fund is used to meet the needs of the residents who qualify for Benevolence Assistance. Earned income from the Benevolent Endowment Fund is transferred into this fund.

Toshiko Inouye Fund

This fund will be used to pay for one-on-one care for John Knox Village residents in the health center or Village Glen who suffer from anxiety and are afraid to be alone.

Transportation Fund

This fund was established by residents to purchase buses and cars for the resident transportation program.

Tropical Tree Fund

This fund was established to purchase trees to plant on the campus. Recommendations are made by the residents.

Unrestricted Fund

Gifts to the unrestricted fund are directed to the most pressing needs of John Knox Village as determined by John Knox Village in consultation with the Foundation Board of Directors.

Wellness Park Fund

This fund was established to provide the funds to build a wellness park where “People and Pets Can be Unleashed.” It was completed in 2016. Donations to this fund are used for maintenance and improvements to the park.

Wings On The Water Fund

This fund is to be used to construct a waterfowl viewing station over Lake Maggie as presented in the Master Planning documents approved by the Board of John Knox Village in 2017.

The Woodlands Fund

This fund supports the commitment of John Knox Village to building a brand new state-of-the-art Health Center. After construction is complete, the fund will be used for ongoing maintenance and special needs for the building.